Wednesday, November 14, 2007

The other day I went thru my winter clothes and got rid of a whole bunch of stuff that
no longer fit me and got rid of it. I found at Ross some Handy Closet organizers for pretty cheap that hang on your rod and got to the floor. They fit my sweaters just great! Instead of being crammed into my dresser which still holds alot of summer type clothes becuase of the weather here.
It looks nice and organzied and I was very happy. Makes them easier to find and keeps everything neat. Some may call me over organized but I call it a happy life. :-) I dont feel like I live in chaios if things are put away in a nice way. Just makes me happy. And I am trying to be better and better about it as someday I know I wont have the time to be so organized so if its engraned into my brain I know it will last. :-D
This works for me!
How did you get ready for the winter season? ( although its not quite the winter feeling here yet I'm TRYING to bring it in!!!) Share

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