Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Target Shopping & Meals

I am SO stuck on Super Target and how Great the Deals are!

I spent a grand total of $40.73 and got all this! AND got back a $5 Gift Card!

And from not cooking much last week, this and what I have in my pantry and freezer (alot)
will last me for the next 2 weeks. So I would say $20 a week is GOOD. AND I saved over $25!

I got:

Snack Mix
2 Mozzarella Kraft Cheese
5 Progresso Soups
4 Kraft Pilly Cheese
5 Cans of Veggies
2 Cans Re fried Beans
1 bag Rice
1 Cookie Mix
1 Betty Crocker Potatoes
1 Tortillas
1 pk of Italian sausage
1 pk of steaks
2 bottles Juice
1 Italian Soda
2 Kashi crackers
1 bag flour
1 Horizon Milk
1 bag frozen stir fry veggies
2 tampons

Dinner Meals for next 2 Weeks

1) Ham-Pancakes-Eggs
2) Fried Rice w/ Ham & Stir Fry
3) Spaghetti with Homemade Bread & Corn
4) Fajitas w/ Rice & Beans
5) Hot Sausage w/ Pasta & Green Beans
6) Beef Tacos w/ left over Beans & Rice
7) Ham and Bean Soup w/ Homemade Rolls
8) Homemade Pizza w/ Salad
9) Beef Stew w/ Homemade Rolls
10-11) Left Overs
12 -13 ) Sunday Dinners I never know what we are doing... Share


Mom2fur said...

We just have regular Target here, but their prices are excellent. I did a price book a while back and was amazed that almost every food was cheaper there than at the grocery. We always pick up at least 2 gallons of milk when we go on Fridays...a dollar cheaper than the grocery!
And...they take coupons!
(Of course, I still shop at the grocery. Target, alas, does not double coupons. But hey, I'll buy things where I can find them cheapest!)

Cindy said...

yay for Target deals! I love that the Supertargets accept manufacturer AND target coupons..I can almost always get stuff for free there.