Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Frugal Ideas for Christmas

My husband and I went to an estate sale about a month ago and one of the items they had
was a Christmas Tree for $10! We both looked at each other and said "Lets get it". Its small,
and artificial. But it was $10! I had wanted a real tree but with renting and all that we had decided to go with a fake tree this year. And the smaller tree really worked because I didn't have to spend ALOT of money on ornaments to decorate it. That would of cost to much.

I spent the day after Thanksgiving shopping for a few gifts that I was planning on. And it worked out really well for me.
My sister gave me a little cartoon the other day while she was in town for Thanksgiving. I thought you might enjoy it. :-D

Its funny...... But so me.
They might of been able to get the same deal but might of not. Its all in the retail value not what spent. :-) And the thought that counts.

Here are a few ideas to go along with that.....

1. My all time favorite Idea for the Frugal Gift is the Entertainment Book! How can you go wrong giving a gift that will save someone money???And in DEC this is the HOT deal
$10 off & Free Shipping -OR- 30% off retail & Free Shipping...on all 2008 Books

Endorsed by The Coupon Mom on Good Morning America
2. New Google Checkout Customers:
Get $10 off at when you use Google Checkout for the first time! Over 2 million items to choose from.

Use Google Checkout to get $10 off your order! Offer valid for new Google Checkout customers only. Price with Google Checkout $0.00 And you get FREE SHIPPING TO!
There are ALOT of things that are just around $10 so you can get a good deal on just about ANYTHING!

3. Do you shop at Cvs?
A great idea is to use your ecb's that you have left over (what you would use for fillers) things that would make a great gift basket!
Chocolate Lover - cookies, covered popcorn, nuts

Sports Lover (example golf) - tees, balls, towels, gift certificates
Italian - pizza mix, pasta, olives, sausage roll, cheese, wine
Fruit & Nuts - buy local fruits & nuts and arrange with candies
Coffee - coffee beans, coffee liquor (homemade), cappacino mix, cups
Bath/Body - homemade lotions & gels, perfume, salts, soaps
Candle - containers, holders, wicks, wax, oils

4. Photo Work's is kicking off a bonus period with their Annual 5 Day Sale where they offer customers 20% off Site Wide. This is their biggest sale of the year. On Wednesday November 21 you will be able get GREAT savings on photos for the holidays! Plus the prints are only 9Cents to start with! First time users get 25 free prints! I love that! Great deal!

5. Make them a Coupon Binder!

6. Click here for Gift Certificates you can get them as low as $4 for a $25 Certificate! Thats a GOOD DEAL!!!

7. Find What You Want on eBay!!!!

8. Gourmet coffee with a personalized mug.

9. A keepsake DVD with a video of special moments, edited (and captioned) by you. A sideshow presentation with music burned on a DVD works too. Capture, Share and Preserve Your Family's Stories on

10. Help someone else out... GO without for yourself and give to someone else.

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