Sunday, December 16, 2007

Menu this Week

This weeks Menu from My Shopping list.

Monday - BLT's w/ Fruit Salad

Tuesday - Chili w/ Cornbread

Wednesday - Steak w/ pasta, veggies & homemade bread

Thursday - BBQ Chicken w/ Rice & Veggies

Friday - Fajitas w/ Rice & Beans

Saturday - Salisbury Steak w/ Potatoes & Veggies

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Natalie said...

It looks like a good week! I love chili and cornbread.

My Menu Plan is up too! :)

Ed said...

Sounds like a week in my household. Ever consider making your own fajita wraps? It's wicked easy.

Mommychicky said...

I love chili w/ cornbread, especially when we bake the cornbread on top of the chili!
Check me out if you have a chance.

Happy eating!

Sandra said...

Everything looks wonderful, great menu :)

Mine is up too :)

Sonshine said...

what a yummy week!! I think I will come join you for dinner every day! LOL

Beth@Sportsmomma said...

your menu sounds great!

check back over on mine and I'll post the receipe. It's sort of "made up" but I just tasted it and it tasted pretty good.

Katrine said...

yummy! I'll have to try that bread recipe.