Wednesday, December 5, 2007

My house is spotless...

Well.... besides where I have a rat trap set up with crackers surrounding it HOPING I
catch that little vermin!

I spent most of the entire day doing-
cleaning bathrooms spotless
cleaning out the spare bedroom (which has all of my ebay and sewing stuff in it)
cleaning kitchen
wrapping the rest of the presents I had
packing up EBay Items
got paperbookswap items out the door
worked on finishing details on my new website (to come soon!)
and all types of odds in ends.

I finally got around to tackling Mt Laundry after taking all day to wash a good part of it. Lets just say it got to about 3 feet wide and 2 feet tall..... took me a good hour to get it all done.
I can't WAIT to get a "real" washer and dryer....
Just like my stove problem, our washer is in our home but its one of those stackable itty bitty
fit 2 things in it type of washers/dryer. No its not THAT small but it is small, I can wash about 3 pairs of my jeans in it at once. Now it gets the job done but it will be nice to have a reg sized one once we move.
I LOVE keeping up my home!
I hate it when it gets away from being the normal clean state. Its our Job and Responsibility as wife's to keep our home. To make it a place that when our husband comes home from a long day at work its a place where he can prop his feet up and relax. Tis' a good feeling knowing you have accomplished that. And get to enjoy being with hubby love and not have to worry about messes or things to do.
I want to have that kind of mindset that our home is a haven!
So in 18-20 years when our sons and daughters come home college, the holidays or whatever the Lord has in store from them they will WANT to be here! And when they have grandchildren they will know that Grandma's place is the place to be! Wouldn't you love that kind of legacy?

Now I got my feet propped up,painting my toesies, drinking hot cocoa and enjoying watching my hubby play a game on his xbox. :-D

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Lylah said...

hi mrs. nicole...great post...i can just picture your home i sense you do...

ps..hope you get the rat...i've dealt with them in the past too...ugh!

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

awe thank you!
I sure hope I get the rat to! ECKKKK *shudders*