Monday, December 31, 2007

This Last Year

Just a few posts from the highlights of this last year for me.
It was a full year!!!

My first post of the year. Our marriage in March. My so cool birthday
date and trip. Learning to be a frugal person. Thanksgiving holiday.
Decorating my first Christmas tree. Decorating for this Holiday.
Taking my best friend to the Third Day Christmas Concert. My husbands
25th b-day and his present. A wonderful Christmas. My best frugalness

Those are just a few highlights, I could names lots of them!

Hope everyone has a great new year.

What were the highlights of your last year?
Share them with us all!!!
(For some reason Mr. Linky is down do to their bandwidth I guess.
So until its fixed and it shows up you can just leave a comment with your
link to your post!)


1 comment:

Bethany said...

Thanks very much for this post, it's inspired me to contemplate my year of blogging and make a year in review post. :)