Thursday, January 31, 2008

Perfect timing....

My lips where chapped ohhhh so chapped.
But Walgreens to the rescue!!!

I went on my way home from my last day of work to hit a walgreens to

do a few FAR deals and use my handy little $5/$20 coupon!

I did what I figured on the deals so I was happy.

1 Energy drink 5 hr double shot $4.49 FAR
2 packing tape $2.99 ea - Walgreens Ad Coupon 2/$3.00
1 Chapstick $2.00 RR $2.00
1 Fructis Hair Mask $3.99 FAR
1 Jane Mascara $4.99 - Easy Saver Coupon $2.00 (Didnt get to use my $2 q from internet)
1 Mens 24/7 Deo $3.99 FAR
1 Sally Nail Polish $0.99 - $0.50 man q.
Total before coupons came to $26.43
After all coupons $20.95
- $5/$20 Walgreens coupons
Total OOP w/tax = $16.56
Got back a RR of $2
And will get back a total of $12.47 and %10 so I will get back $13.71
So total OOP will be $2.85 plus a $2 RR :-)


Bethany said...

Hey when you printed out the Jane coupon did it print the upc code? Mine only printed the #'s. . . not the bars. :( Wondering if it will still work.

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

yah, it did...
I heard that a few people had problems with that... not sure why its doing that.
Both Rach and I printed ours for different printers and we both got the bar code...

Lady Why said...

I sometimes have trouble with computer printed coupons at Walgreens. My Walgreens doesn't like to accept them but when I take in a coupon that Walgreens has emailed me, they usually take it... but begrudgingly!