Monday, January 14, 2008

Selling on Ebay?

The other day I was going thru my stock pile and just making mental note of what I had.
And I thought... I wish I lived in a place I could have a garage sale right now! :-) But I don't,
so I cant do like some women do and sell their things at a garage sale to make money. But then the though crossed my mind... I wonder how it would sell on eBay!
So I went to checking on the end auctions of things that I had to see if it was worth the fees to make some money on eBay!
And lo and behold it is!
So I went and found a few things that I wanted to try and list to see if I could make any money off them. (I of course got them for free so everything is profit)
And I listed just under 20 items. So far and its only been a 3 days I have about $23 worth of bids. That's not bad!

So until I can have a garage sale I will be content with listing items here and there on eBay! Share

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