Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Target Deals

I hit Super Target this evening and scored some good deals. Got to love that place.

No pic but I will give you some deals to look for.

Morningstar Frozen Meatless products are $2.99 - $2 Target coupon =$0.99
Excedrin PM $1.99 -$2 Manuf coupon = +$0.01
Flat Earth Chips Small Bags $.58 - $1 Manuf coupon = $+.42
Market Farm String Cheese $0.24 - Buy 2 get $.5o off Target coupon = $0.00
Kelloggs $2.33 -$3.00/2 Manuf coupon (Answer another brand and it will be $3) =$1.66/2

I spent $13.89 total at Super Target for $42.83 worth of groceries!
I had several free coupons from the mail that I had just received. Wooohooo.
I used $13.80 in Target coupons and $15.14 in manuf. coupons. Share

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StephanieJ said...

I also did the Morning Star and string cheese deal this week. Too good to pass up! Congrats on the great deals!