Monday, March 3, 2008

My StockPile

Now that my stockpile is almost gone I am redoing how I sorted and
stored it. I have totes that I have stored everything in. And it works
great. I am going to be starting to sort things by what I need and what
is my sale stuff. I will be keeping a box or tote in the closet in a back room,
I think, with the stuff for sale so it is out of the way. Its will be sorted already
so when it comes time for our next yard sale I dont have to do a ton of work
going thru everything.
So today I am going to be going thru what I have left and sorting it all and
putting everything back to were it was before our yard sale this weekend. Share


Nichole said...

This may seem very odd, but I can't help but noticing you spell your name the same as I do! I've found it isn't very common to see it spelled that way and get very excited when I see it with an "h".

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

Your the second one to say that!!!
So there must be 3 of us out there. :-) hehe

Very cool!
Have a Great Day

Emily said...

congrats to you for doing what sounds like a great job saving money. We too are trying to live on less. Keep up the good work!

corrin said...

i haven't had a yard sale in years...i bet i have tons of stuff i could get rid of.

Michele said...

That is wonderful! I am saving my stockpile for my aunts annual Memorial Day yard sale!