Monday, March 3, 2008

Yard Sale

This weekend my sis inlaw and I had a yard sale. WOhooooo

We got up way to early in the morning, I lugged all my STUFF
over to her place. We rushed around for an hour getting everything
set up and once our signs where in place we were ready to go. And
the people came! We had several people trying to find another
yard sale ended up at ours thinking that we were the other one which
was kinda nice as we got more traffic. :-D
We cleared over $150 in just the first hour in our stockpile stuff!!!
We were in awe and amazement!!! We then both decided to clean out
MOST OF ALL our stock pile and I had someone bring more of mine over
to get rid of. We were not to sure how it would go so we didnt like over do it
at first but once we realized how fast it was going we decided to clear it out.
We had people coming back with their friends for MORE. We were bouncing
with joy with our sales.
All in all we had a good day, got a little burnt, sold alot of stuff, made alot of
money, and decided we will be doing it every few months!!!!!! Share

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FishMama said...

Do you have a post on how to do this? Tips? Prices? I'm so curious.