Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Im very sad...

But if you have a Krogers were you live you shouldnt be!!!!

Oh I wish I had a krogers near me... if I did I would be stocking up!!!
If I had Krogers near me.... I would be oh so happyyy about it.....

So anyways, for those of you who are blessed with a Krogers go check out
the list of things Money Saving Mom has up that is to good of a deal to pass
up. And check out all the links that others have put up with the deals they have
done. Let me know how you do!
"Kroger is having a Mega Sale this week--Buy 10 of any participating products, Get an instant $5 off! You can do up to three of these per transaction. So, you can buy 30 items and receive a total of $15 off your order. "
On top of coupons and if you store doubles wooohoooo you can make out pretty good this week!


Mrs. Walker said...

Come see me! I'll share my Kroger with you!

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

You BETTER be takin advantage of those deals goin on girl!