Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Month of April

This last month was not AS good as Feb but I still stayed within our budget for food and made some money on the side doing a few things here and there.
I also signed up to sell Beauticontrol! So that will add to our budget hopfully once I start that up.

For this month we spent $186.26 for grocerys

Thats $5.90 a day for 2 people.
After the few rebates I got back and sales of items our OOP per day was $4.48!!

We also bought a freezer from left over money that was from HomeDepot from building our decks and outside stuff! So that was a blessing! I can now buy a few more items on sale becuase I have room for it! Share

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momof4sweetsisters said...

That's wonderful! Your new freezer will really come in handy! It makes a busy life easier if you can pull out a delicious dinner or something for surprise guest!