Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Making Money at Home

What works best for you? How do you generate that extra income for your family by still staying at home and not having a full time job?
Do you have a part time thing you do on the side that brings in money? I have heard of people selling eggs from there chickens as they have to many to use themselves. What about baking bread and selling it? Or childcare in your home.

Heres is a few things that have worked for me!
I am a Beauticontrol Consultant, which I love! I use their products so it only made since that
I sold them. And its SO easy! Who says makin money has to be hard! I make money of doing
spas. :-)

I also signed up months ago with a advertiser called Commission Junction. There is no referral program with it but it has some AWESOME advertising links which you get paid for. So its worth looking into for SURE.

There are also places like RevolutionMoneyExchange where you can have the potental to make several hundred dollars by sending them more clients.

And you can sign up with places like Ebates , Cash Crate ,Vindale Research ,Big Crumbs and
Monster Pays Cash for using their site to get rebates back and on top of that get paid when you refer someone to them. So it makes great side money without having to do much.

Those are just a FEW things you can do to generate income without having a full time job! Share


JOEMADEL said...

If you sign up in ppp you get more..I tried bread crumbs etc...but don't really care it takes you a long time..but in PPP is really good..let me know when u sign up ok..u got rank 3 and f u sign up in PPP you get 15 dollar - 500 dollar per post.. really cool..the first post you have in ppp uget 20 bucks for the first post..after that you get more..15bucks and higher....

Heart of Wisdom said...

Thanks for the information.
I love your blog.

Teresa @ A Life At Home said...

Thanks for all the links! I am constantly on the lookout for a way to bring in a little side income.