Friday, May 23, 2008

Blah I'm bored...

Amazing how when you are forced to sit and stay off your feet you feel like you have a million things to do!

I’m trying to be a good girl and do as I'm suppose to and stay off my knee but its hard. :-)

I went to a chiropractor yesterday and she looked at my knee and pretty much determined that
I have some sort of knee cap injury. As to what, that will be determined by x-rays. She messed with it a bit and told me... "This will either make it a lot better or it will hurt really bad"... and I went home hurting more than it has in awhile. So I’m off it and icing it a lot to get the swelling down. I'm suppose to be seeing a doc soon to see what they say and what I should do.

So in the mean time I'm bored sitting here...(and by the way why is ice so stinkin cold?????) Only so much I you can do on the internet and then it gets blahhhhhhh! Guess I’m going to get to reading some more and get caught up on some books I have ordered of bookswap!

Just a few links to some sites I have been catchin up on and reading some good stuff!!!

Sense and Sensibility ~ by Roberta Blakey

And these links to ~ habit of the highly effective woman ~by girltalk!
1. Rises early
2. Maintains the spiritual disciplines
3. Focuses on relational priorities
4. Sets up regular times for planning
5. Develops and effective to-do list and calendar/planning system
6. Establishes an efficient routine for managing her home
7. Organizes her house systematically

Found this quote on I'm an Organizing Junkie
“Organizing is the gateway to your higher goal, such as to be able to get out the door faster in the morning or to be able to invite friends over with ease. Once you look beyond the piles and know why you want to get organized, you are suddenly motivated.”
Professional Organizer, Julie Morgenstern

How to get organized? Follow these PROCESS steps….
More storage or less stuff? Share

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