Friday, May 23, 2008

A Homemade Ice Pack

I had been using a bag full of ice to ice my knee down and it drips and am going thru ice
like you couldnt believe.
So I had heard that there was a homemade way to make a frozen gel pack!

There was one way I had heard about but I didnt have the Rubbing Alchol to make it so I went
looking for something else. And guess what makes a great ice pack the bends just right! Dishwashing liquid!!!

You pour a bottle of dishwashing liquid into a gallon sized bag (I made it a double) and freeze it for a few hours. I had plenty of dishwasher bottles from past sales so I tried it out. And sure enough it works!


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KarenW said...

I love this! My dd is always "needing" an ice pack for every little thing. Thanks!