Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Cleaning and storing the Leftovers...

Well today I'm back to feeling better after a long weekend of yard sale and go go go! :-)
So I am ready to tackle the room the has all the left overs from our yard sale. It has a lot
of empty boxes, a thing of clothes,books, and some stockpile leftovers.

We donated ALOT of the leftover stuff to our local goodwill but we also saved some stuff that we knew might sell becuase it looks like we are going to be helping my husbands grandma to clear out her home and have a yard sell for her in town in June. So we will be bringing all that we had left and saved over there. In town we will get ALOT of traffic so that will be cool.

We have a lot to do to get ready for as we are going to be cleaning out alot! But it will be fun as us girls are gonna go at it! :-D

So Im gonna get all my room cleaned out and in boxes and ready for her yard sale and so my room looks much cleaner! Yeah!

Took me about an hour and its all boxed and clean. Yeah!
My desk is all cleaned off and back to normal again! And got all my beauticontrol
stuff in containers. Much better!
Very clean! :-)
I found a box of my books I had been missing to! It was stored behind the dresser!
Yah yah!!!


Anonymous said...

well done! having a garage sale is a lot of work, and cleaning up afterwards is always a pain!!

ohhollyf said...

Wow you did great cleaning up that small area, something i struggle with and end up tossing too much of out lack of organization.

Joanna said...

Great job! After yard sales we usually toss it all to goodwill. And after is the worst part of the whole process, because you either have to donate it all or pack it back up!

Check mine out if you get the chance. http://momof2andwife.blogspot.com/

JoLynn from The Fit Shack said...

Hi Nichole,

Can you believe I've never had a garage sale since I've lived on my own?....not that I couldn't stand to have one (lol), just haven't done it.

I'm inspired by the organized clean up job you did afterwards - you should see my basement, ack! I've got so much stuff to organize, just can't think about it right now. :)