Monday, May 19, 2008

A neat idea ~ Expired coupons

Who ever uses ALL there coupons before they expire? I don’t and I use ALOT of coupons that’s for sure!

I'm calling all coupon shoppers to help me out with something. And this will be an on going thing. Not just a one time deal. I am going to start sending coupons overseas to a base for ladies overseas to be able to get great use of my coupons that I haven’t used. Great thing is they can use expired coupons when we can't! They ask that they be no older than 2 months so they have time to use them with transit, and all that involves this.

So if you are interested in helping me email me at nicholejordanblog AT yahoo DOT com and let me know and get you more info.
All you have to do is once every 2 weeks or so go thru your coupons cut ALL of them out, and send expired and still good ones that you won’t use to me. And once a month I will send out a flat rate package (my expense) overseas. I am hoping several of you get on board with this because more the better! I don't just want to send a few little coupons over but a WHOLE BUNCH!

All it would cost you is a little time to cut your coupons and a .42 cent stamp (you can put a TON of coupons into a reg envelope!) and walla you are a blessing to someone else!

So email me fast and get on board! Share


Mrs. Walker said...

GREAT idea! I've known about this, but I haven't investigated it enough to know how to go about getting started. I love that you are doing it.
Count me in for sure. Send me your addy so I can mail some to you. I can't promise huge amounts since I don't know how much time I can take to do this all the time, but hopefully I'll get a system in place an be able to get it out to you regularly.

JoLynn from The Fit Shack said...

I used to clip coupons all the time but got out of the habit when I started shopping at Costco. I stumbled your post though, so hopefully you'll get some traffic on it and maybe some more helpers. I think this is a great idea you've got, just wonderful! :)

KayleighJeanne said...

I have a great big stack that I will be mailing out as soon as I get the chance. I meant to send it weeks ago and it never happened.