Monday, May 19, 2008

We Almost Made It!

WHAT a yard sale!
Sat found us all dragging out of bed to get everything ready for the day. Rach and her gang showed up and we started with java and tacos from a local taco house. And hauled EVERYTHING back out again to set it all out and ready to sell. My momnlaw showed up and
asked us why our signs were gone. WHATTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!
I had Wes run down and see if our signs were gone and started on some new ones from cardboard board ones. So I ran down to the one they said was missing and sure enough someone had tore it down! Not so nice.... I thought I better go look and see if the others were still in place... And sure enough someone had torn down 2 more! And there were 3 other signs up for other yard sales! None of them were in the exact spot where ours was so I don’t know WHY they tore ours down!
Turns out they had tore one down again that was on our street AGAIN so we are wondering if that’s why we didn’t get a TON of traffic all day... sigh...
But even though we didn’t have a TON of people coming thru and it seemed quite slow at times we still did very well and only was a little shy of what our goal for the 2 days was. So we were VERY happy!
We got just a LITTLE burnt! :-D And made a nice chunk of change! Share

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