Friday, May 16, 2008

What a DAY!

Wow, I’m exhausted!
Up bright and early with my sister to get all our stuff out for our yard sale. It took us about 45 mins to get it all out and set up. And then the flood of people came! It was great, I wasn’t sure how it would be on Friday as I had only done one on at Sat! So I was surprised and happy that people were coming. We cleared $100 within 1 hr! I was shocked. And it didn’t seem that the pile WAS NOT GOING ANYWHERE! lol Which could be a good thing but I want it ALL GONE lol.

After around 11:30 or so it dwindled off and was quite for a good hour and a half. Which was fine for my sister and I as we needed a break. Around 1 or so we had another wave of people and that was it. We did quite well in what we made and I was a bit surprised! Rach showed up to help load all the stuff back into the house later. And we got it all back in and it’s all ready for tomorrow!

I’m chilling out and ready to hit the bed! lol :-) Got to be up BRIGHT and EARLY to set up again!
Hope you have a good sat! I'll let ya know how our day goes!


Elizabeth F. said...

I'm not sure where you are located, but I used to liv ein Indiana and in my area Friday was the big Garage Sale day. Sat was ok, but if you really wanted to make some money Fri was the best day to have it. Some friends of mine who lived in IL said their area Garage Sale day was on Thursdays. Weird, huh? Here in NC I have never EVER seen a sale except on Sat/Sun!

Niki said...

Way to go...good luck tomorrow!


Bonnie said...

sounds like a pretty good day! my mom and I are having a garage sale next saturday and I hope we have the same luck!

Donna(mom24boyz) said...

I had a sale Saturday too! So far I have made about 275 but I still have a ton of baby stuff to get rid of. It is all in top condition, just did not seem to get buyers looking for baby boy clothes. But luckily my motherinlaw is having one next Saturday, so I am hauling my loot over there and hoping bring in some more moolah.

We are trying our best to boost up our vacation fund to cover the extra cost of gas! Hope you did well too!

leslieedens said...

Hi Nichole,
I am just visiting your site for the first time. I really like all of your links and was wondering if you could message me back w/some tips on posting for blogspot. How do I add you as a favorite onto my page so I can visit more often? Thanks in advance. Hope your sale went great on Sat. too!