Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Working towards the $$ Yard Sale

Well we are ALMOST ready for our big yard sale coming up this weekend!
I just got to get a few more things from some people who are gonna sell in
ours also. And we have a TON of stuff!!! We both hope to clear ATLEAST
$200 each which we ALMOST did last time. Came VERY close!

I went thru and sorted all my pile so when Rach brought hers over we could
go thru quickly sort hers and then put stickers on them all.

As we were unloading her van her kiddo got a beauty makeover
from the pile! Was funny! Atleast she got it all on the right spot! :-)
We got it all sorted and labled! Ready to GO!

Lots to sell!!!!
Yard sale HERE WE COME!!!
Praying it doesnt rain and that LOTS of people come our way!!!


Bethany said...

Hope it goes well!!!

A Blessed Church Member said...

Good job, sis! Sarah and I had ours last week at the mall, and I got rid of lots of piddlies and made $50. Not bad for 3 hours. We shut down early. Have fun! Let us know (of COURSE you will!) how you made out. Love to all there. (PS This is Vivian.)

Tara said...

wow you seem so organized..good job!! I have to convince my husband that its "OK" to have a garage sale lol (I think he is embarassed to have one as he is to go to one) lol I grew up with having garage sales in our family.. I think they are great!!! :)

Heidi @ GGIP said...

I'm just wondering how much you sell your new CVS-type merchandise for at the yard sale and how well-received is it to your customers?

Good luck!