Thursday, May 15, 2008

Take my New Button!


Yeah!!! I have a new and improved Site header and Blog button!

If you have takin my button to tell people about my site be sure to grab my new one and update it on your site! Go to my sidebar on the right and you can find the HTML code for it!

Get the word out! Tell people that THEY can SAVE money!!! Share


Mrs. Walker said...

Like the new look!!!

Could I cash at your place next week if I needed to??? :-)

Mrs. Nichole Jordan said...

cash???? hehehe

You guys coming in?

Mrs. Walker said...

Sorry...typing amidst the chaos...what can I say??? HEHEHE

Yep, we have to bring my parents truck 'cause they're coming in on June 3rd. This is the last chance we'll have to make a trip since Steven will be working super long hours the last weekend of this month.

It'll be just me and the boys, most likely for Friday night only, unless you WANT me to come sooner! :P

Interested in house guests???

*Going back to check for typos... :-)