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Coupons a little History

Did you know:
That coupons started in 1894!
"The clever entrepreneur to first use this concept was Asa Candler, a druggist, who bought the formula for Coca-Cola that year. He gave out individual handwritten coupons for a free glass of this new fountain beverage. The next year, another assertive businessman, C.W. Post, began to promote his new health cereal with a once cent coupon, good towards the purchase of his new product Grape Nuts.
Coupons became a staple in American households by 1930, prompted by the Depression. The need to cut cost, especially the weekly grocery bill, made clipping coupons a necessity for many families. During the 1940's, chain supermarkets started their growth across the country and continued on with the coupon tradition developed in the neighborhood food stores."
Article from The History of Coupons By Brad Leary

And LOTS and LOTS of Coupon Facts that I got the following from here!!!!

Coupon Facts:
86% of the United States population uses coupons.
Shoppers saved approximately $2.6 billion last year by using coupons.
The typical coupon was worth $1.15 savings in 2006
Coupon users report an average of 11.5% savings on their grocery bill with coupons.
Manufacturers offered more than approximately $330 billion in coupon savings in 2006.

What's New?
Coupons are more influential to 18-24 year olds in four out of eight categories measured, including Electronics, Apparel, Automotive and Telecommunications.
86% of 18-24 year old consumers say that finding coupons is a reason that they go through newspaper inserts and circulars.

All Age Groups use Coupons!
Age % using coupons

18-24 71%
25-34 87%
35-44 89%
45-54 85%
55-64 90%
65+ 91%

Coupon users broken out by income:
Income % using coupons

under $25,000 86%
$25-50,000 85%
$50-$75,000 88%
$75-$100,000 88%
$100,000+ 81%
Source: Consumer Internet Survey Panel of 1,000 people

History of Coupons
Coupons are born! Asa Candler, the druggist who bought the formula for Coca-Cola for $2,300, gives out handwritten tickets for a free glass of his new fountain drink.

Next stop, the local grocer! C.W. Post distributes the first grocery coupon worth one cent towards his new health cereal, Grape Nuts.

Coupons are a staple in American households because of the Depression. Everyone needs to save money wherever possible, and clipping coupons clips weekly grocery bills.

Supermarkets sprout across the country and continue the coupon tradition that had begun in neighborhood groceries.

The Nielsen Coupon Clearing House becomes the first clearing house devoted to coupon redemption. Coupons have created a new industry.

One-half of Americans are now coupon users.

Coupon popularity continues to grow. Over 35 billion coupons are distributed and 65% of American households clip!

America celebrates the first National Coupon Month. Children create art designs of their favorite coupons in the 1st Annual Coupon Month.

American shoppers learn how to be savvy by saving with coupons during National Coupon Month, Sept. 1999 and, real men are found to use coupons too.

Parents learn how to involve children in saving with coupons for National Coupon Month 2000.

Teachers use coupons to teach the value of money in the Fourth National Coupon Month.

Shoppers save $3 billion dollars by redeeming 3.8 billion coupons.

77% of consumers report using coupons, making it one of the most popular shopping activities in America.

79% of primary shoppers report that they have used coupons.

74% of coupon shoppers have used coupons in the last month.

71% of young adults (age 18-24) use coupons

Anyways, coupon facts always intrest me becuase I love them so much! :-D Share

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