Tuesday, August 26, 2008

CVS Deals!

I went to lunch with a friend so I hit CVS on the way home when we were done. :-)

I did pretty good! Not a bad week... although they must think we need tons of pads
and stuff cause that's about the only thing on sale this week. LOL

I also finally remembered to bring in my reusable bags into the store to use. I am sick of
having so many plastic bags! :-) And when I was in there the check out guy saw my bag and
told me that CVS has their own now to! So I had to buy 2 of those cause I love my CVS! :-D

Did several transactions to get this stuff! You can get the coupons and info on them here.

One of them was this:

Buy 2 Stay Free Pads 2/$9.00 -BOGOF coupon and $1.00 coupon
Buy 1 Kotex $1.39 (Ad says $1.49 but mine rang up cheaper & I got the ecb's) -$1.00
Buy 1 Cotton Swab .50
Total =$10.89
-$2/$10 cvs coupon
-$2.00 cvs skincare coupon (I think IHEARTCVS.com has these if you go to her site....)
-$6.50 in coupons
Total OOP =$0.39
Get back $6.49 in ECB's
Making $6.10!

Not bad!

Do you use reusable bags?
How was your CVS trip this week! Share


Mrs. Walker said...

You should see my one bathroom cabinet. It's stocked from top to bottom with diapers, wipes and fem products!! It's nice to not have to worry about that though!

Did you realize the Stayfree, Carefree, OB deal overlapped with the monthly deal on the OB??? I didn't until last night. Now I wish I had more of those $1.50/1 OB coupons! I ended up getting them for 2/$1 after coupons and ECB! Not a bad deal!

Better run! Brandon's starting to tear into something! :)

Ginny said...

How do you like the bag from CVS? I just saw it today but didn't get a good look at it. I also saw that Walgreens has bags as well.