Monday, March 9, 2009

This weeks Deals! Hot Diaper Deal!

Wow oh WOW! Did I score some awesome deals with those huggies coupons out right now! Thanks to some family and friends I was able to get quite a LOT of those $5.00 huggies coupons!
And with last weeks great deals to make some $$ I had quite alot of $$ to spend this week on the huggies deal.

I ended up with 14 packages of Huggies Diapers (40 and 44 ct), 7 packs of Huggies Wipes and several other items on sale this week!

So here's the totals!

Retail Total = $287.98
After sales = $253.25
Amount of Coupons used -$146.98
Total = $106.27
Used RR and Gift Card - $83.34
Total OOP = $22.93
Started out with $77.84 in RR and Gift Card
And ended up with $69.79 in RR and Gift card$!
So I lost $8.05 in Walgreen's money.
AND I am Submitting the Caregivers Marketplace Rebate for a $0.75 rebate per package
I have gotten so that totals $10.50 back!

So for EVERYTHING I got this week I have spent a total of $22.93 OOP, $8.05 in Walgreen's $$, and a rebate of $10.50 which totals out to a grand total of $20.48 spent!
If I did the math for the diapers and wipes packages alone that comes out to $0.98 cents a package!!!!!! But I have lots of other items also in this deal so its a pretty smokin hot deal! :-D


Heidi said...

So. I don't think my Walgreens works as good as yours...I used 3 of the $5 off on three, got the 10 register rewards...then I went back to get a bigger size for a different kid. I wanted to use my $3 off of each, and then my $10 RR. It wouldn't let me use all four. So I used 2 of the 3 off and the 10 off. Plus, I didnt' get another RR. Is that normal or did I screw up? I've been wanting to ask someone and figured you'd know better than anyone I know...

Mrs. Nichole J. said...

OK, here is a few Walgreen's tips.

You can't "roll" a RR into the same deal to get another RR of the deal. It somehow triggers it so not print out. Thats just how its set up in their system.

If you used another RR from ANOTHER deal it would work but not from the same.

Also, At walgreens you must have 1 coupon per item. So if you add a RR into the deal you will have to throw in something cheap to use it. So if you had 3 items and 3 coupons and 1 RR then you would actually need 4 items. Did I make that understandable? lol

You still ended up getting a good deal by using the RR on the transaction cause it cut down you out of pocket cost but if you were it expecting that next RR it kinda stinks! :-D

Hope this helps some!!!

Heidi said...

Helps majorly. I should've gotten a pack of gum then and then I could've used my other 3 off. Still wouldn't have got my RR though. You know more than the two employees...Thanks!

Karen_thrifty said...

Great job. That's awesome!