Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My savings this week!

Total Retal $195.26
Total OOP $38.80

Super Target
Retail $50.00
Total after Sales and Coupons $15.91

Super Walmart
Retail $35.88
Total after Sales and Coupons $13.63

Whole Foods
Total $8.99

Retail Total $40.82
Total after Sales and Coupons $6.28
Used ECB's $6.00
Total OOP = $0.27
Got back $8.00
Made $2.00

Retail Total $59.57
Total after Sales and Coupons $42.72
Used RR and Gift Card $42.72
Total OOP = $0.00
Still have RR and Gift Cards $35.03
Started out with RR and Gift Cards $51.00
Getting $12.99 in rebate for some Vitamins
Total Lost $2.89 in RR and Gift Card Share


Anonymous said...

Hi! Quick question, is there a deal going on with Huggies wipes? Awesome savings, btw!

Mrs. Nichole J. said...

They are on sale this week at Target for $1.99.
Paired with $1.00 coupons even .75-.50 makes a pretty good deal to stock up! Am hoping for a good diaper deal to come along soon before this baby comes!

Anonymous said...

Check with your Walgreen's diapers were $2.00 per pkg. Need the coupon booklet from the pharmacy and they were B1G1 for Walgreen's diapers which are pretty good. My store will often write me a raincheck if I am just a day or two late as they know my family so check with them and see what you can get if not the deal cycles ever 6 to 8 weeks so just wait for it again even if the baby comes you will get some diapers as gifts and they don't go thru so many right at first. So by the time you need them the deal will be here.