Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My sweet Huggies Snag!

This week at Target they have a Huggies sale that was to good to pass up!
It's buy 3 Huggies products (not all qualify) @ $8.99 and get a $5.00 gift card back.

I had a few $3, $2, and $1.50 coupons to use and a gift card for $15.00 that I had
received as a gift so I stopped today to pick them up!

I ended up buying 9 packages (3 separate transactions) and spent a grand total of OOP $39.52!
I also ended up with the last $5.00 gift card and will get $6.75 back from the Caregivers Rebate Club making it a grand total of $$27.77 for 9 packages of baby diapers!

That comes out to about $3.09 a package!!!!
Original price for 9 packs would of been $97.33!!!
Ya can't beat that for Huggies Diapers! Woohoo!! Share


Mrs. Walker said...

I plan to do that tomorrow since I have $10 gift card to use!

Faith Imagined said...