Sunday, November 29, 2009

Happy Thanksgiving day and More!

So how was your Thanksgiving? We had a good one with family from both our sides! We had it at out home this year again and it was so nice! I made almost everything for dinner and my sister came a few days early and helped make pies! It was a fun time for us!

I put up our Christmas tree Thanksgiving evening. Joshua loved watching the lights go up! He was in awe of it! And loves to lay and stare at it! So glad hes not crawling yet... not ready for that and a tree! :-D

Did anyone end up Black Friday shopping? I did but I slept till 9 and got to the craft stores I wanted to hit around 10 was nice.... Got what I needed and then hung out at Stevens parents/Ninas for a bit then went home!

Lets see what else is new....

I am on a CF /GF (dairy and gluten free) diet for Joshua. And it is helping his allergies/other problems SO MUCH! Its hard but its worth it I think. I would rather go without things then have them and have all the problems my kido was having! Its been an adjustment but I am making do and learning to do other things in place of dairy and gluten items in our diet. And I have a great source of info on learning how to cook and replacement items I can use that are healthy from a friend whos family is GF. So that helps a TON! I say its not easy but its getting better!


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