Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Things change...

I'm kinda sad when I think of my blog....

I use to have time to post several times a day with awesome deals and finds.
I use to keep you updated with my life, my family, and my craziness. And I had LOTS of
readers to! I mean you can't have hits of 10,000k a month and not have SOMEONE read your posts right? Hmmm, Or was that just one person really intrested in what I had to say? HA

But things just change sometimes!

I still love to blog, but the moments where I can sit down to get a REAL thought out is
just not quite the same.

And wow when people say you get "Mommy brain" aka you can't even remember your own name, after you have a kid, THEY ARN"T KIDDING PEOPLE!  Man do I have a serious case of it to! It's kind of scary. Some days I think I'm getting back on track and some days I think I have seriously lost my mind! And its not really from lack of sleep (I dont think? LOL) Or even from a not happy baby (cuase I will admit my kid is the best! HAHA) I just have NO brain AT ALL!


Lost my train of thought there, sorry people!


So if you see a new post, it means that maybe just maybe I will have gotten a tad bit back of my brain, that or I just finnaly needed to admit I will never have one again!

Heres a few pic for you to enjoy!



Dahlia said...

hey girl, no matter what I am still proud of you! You are doing a wonderful job being a mom and taking care of your family which is first! You're right, things change when there is a little one, but it is wonderful that you are spending your days with him even if you are not posting everyday. Oh, and you won't have MOMMY BRAIN forever:) Goodness, it sounds like a disease!! Love ya!

sarahdodson said...

Hey, join the club; I've not been the same since having children. seriously. :o) Such SWEET pictures!! Your little one is soo handsome!

Mrs. Walker said...

Well, have you seen my blog lately? Yeah, me neither!! LOL

Mommy brain is definitely real, so don't feel too badly. We're all in the same boat right now!