Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Knitting up a sweater!

Isn't my little guy so cute! He's sitting up in his chair really good to!
He just found his feet! And sure loves to talk alot (and sing LOL)!!!
I am loving raising this don of mine!!!

My friend Darcie, a sweet lady who I very much am gratefull for and glad I have come to know her, has been helping me to get back into knitting and learn some different things besides just knowing how to knit and purl! And boy has it been fun!!!
The first thing I dove into was this CUTE lil sweater for my son... who barely fits it! But it was a blast to do and I am glad I picked knitting up! On to more projects!!!!!



Sara said...

How fun, My little girl just found her feet also. Just wait till he figures out how to move around the house.

Emily said...

You did a great job! I can't believe you made a sweater first off. I've knitted a lot, but I still too scared to try a sweater. :)