Monday, November 9, 2009

Yards Sale Finds! Awesome!!!!!!!!!

We went to a yard sale for the people off Ft. Sam saturday bright and early and I got some AWESOME finds! Then we hit a few in the alamo heights area and military rd area. I went home with ALOT of great baby stuff and more!
I bought 3 floor play things to go thru and see what I like of what and keep one. They were $2 each... so I figured I could find the one I like best for that price. :-)
The v-tech walk and play for $3
A Quilt rack for $10
Lots of gymboree and gap clothes for $2.50 total
Shorts for hubs for $1
A pampered chef round stone for $9
Little kids wooden lamb bookends for $3
A pretty table  cloth for $1
a TON of knitting needles for a total of 25 cents
A bunch of books for $6
Some toys for $2 total
A car mirror thing for $1
A brand new bobby cover for $2.00

Spent about 45.00!


Heather said...

Great finds.

Dionna said...

Wow. Great deals!

Emily said...

That's awesome! Love garage sales!

Amber said...

Um... I need to go garage saling with you! Nice work girl!