Monday, January 18, 2010

Almost time to start food...

Can you BELIEVE my son is almost 6 months old? He will be on the 25th! I'm not sure where the time went but it has FLOWN by that is for SURE!

He has his 6 month dr apt and shots this next monday. I weighed him the other day on my home scale which is pretty on the dot and it says he was 18 1/2 lbs. And he sure feels like it so I'm pretty sure thats what the Dr. scale will say to. :-)

At Joshua's 4 month appt. the dr. had told me it was fine to put off feeding him food if I wanted till 6 month becuase most BF babies don't even want it. Which was FINE with me cuase thats what I was planning on doing.

So I don't have a set date but sometime soon we will be starting our lil guy on food. I'm nervous about it becuase of his allergies, but am trusting God to protect my lil one in all of this. 

We are starting with Rice cereal of course... but from there I havn't set a game plan yet! Oye! I'm guessing my lil' guy will like food cuase he wants it SO bad when we eat it. But then again he might eat it and decide he hates it. :-P  But he sure reaches it and is so intrested in why we get to put things in our mouth and tell him no. :-D

So, who knows, my next post might be about having baby food in my hair... rofl Share

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