Sunday, January 3, 2010

Can we say Cheese?

The other day I came across some people talking about recipes for Velveeta Cheese on a Coupon site I go to alot, then today a friend of mine was blogging about a recipe she had for Queso with it in it (a must). And I must say I have not drooled over food in awhile but I seem to be drooling over the thought of cheese so much lately! Why? Becuase I can't have it....

When my son was a bit over month old, I came across some info on having a Dairy allergy after trying to find out if babies can be allergic to "seasonal" allergies. And all of my sons problems seems to fit everything they were talking about to a T! So I decided to try out going off Dairy for 3 weeks (It takes the long for it to clear out of mom's then babies when nursing) just to see if it did any good.

1 week off of it my son had a HUGE change in some of his problems. I was shocked.... and scared. I love dairy to much!!!!

By 3 weeks off of dairy Joshua had cleared up alot of his problems but not all. I snuck in bits of dairy here and there and paid for it later when it hit his system. But deep down I wasn't 100% sure of my self diagnosis of him being allergic to dairy. I loved my dairy to much.

I cont' on my diet of trying to be CF (Dairy allergy is known as a Casein Allergy =CF) to my best ablities and we seemed to be doing good just not normal still. My son still projectile vomited instead of "spitting up" (ask anyone who held him for more than a few mins, my son became well known for giving people a awesome gift) and still did not have 100% normal stools but the foul smell was gone and his extreme diarrhea had gotten alot better. Along with his eczema, flushed face, and respiratory problems.

So after 3 months of CF I decided to go Gluten Free (GF = which is a wheat allergy) also to see if it helped at all with the rest of his problems.

After 2 weeks my son stopped his PV (projectile vomiting) and was a normal baby! 

Mind you with ALL of his problems my son was still the most happy baby ever! He never screamed or had colic which made me wonder sometimes but I think he has a VERY high pain tolerence since being in the NICU for a week being poke SO many times!

So we are now a CF/GF family... and boy it is so hard! If I HAD to pick having to do one over the other I could TOTALY do GF any day over CF :-) Dairy is SO hard to give up! Its quite hard for a cheese lovin, heavy cream for coffee lovin kind of girl.

And to make me 100% sure of my craziness and help me KNOW I am not over doing it and being an over protective mommy, we had a set back not to long ago. I had eatin something that I thought was GF/CF and not checked and made 100% sure before I stuck it in my mouth, and I ate a good amount of it..... and my poor son reverted back to before diet problems for a few days before I could pin point WHY he was getting sick again... poor guy. It was bad. We still arn't 100% back to normal from it but are on the road to recovery and have 100% peace of mind that we are doing the right thing. Even if people think we are crazy! I will take not having my cheese any day over making my son sick. Makes being parents just a tiny bit easier when your 100% sure of something!

So, in saying all that, anyone got some awesome blogs or websites that have lots of good nummy recipes for CF/GF foods? I have learned to bake GF bread already with the help of a good friend. But need lots of different ideas for different foods before I go crazy eating the same ol same ol thing! Share


Gluten Free Sourdough Baker said...

Hi Nicole,
I deeply sympathize with your situation as I am also gluten, dairy free as well as egg and yeast free. After years of health problems I finally have them corrected. To cope with my food sensitivities I developed bread recipes free of all of the above. They are based on the old fashioned sourdough technique which makes them highly digestible and easy on the digestive tract. With a young baby I'm not sure you have the time to try these recipes but with some careful planning they are very easy to make. I have posted the starter and my first successful loaf bread on my blog,, or I also sell "The Art of Gluten Free Sourdough Baking" my own recipe book in PDF format on my website, Many families with multiple food allergies and chemical sensitivities have been able to happily eat bread again using my techniques and recipes.
Good luck and let me know if you have trouble getting started. Sincerely, sharon

Emily said...

I think I gave you one link on FB for GF recipes, but I just thought of another site that has dairy free recipes. Hope you find some yummy stuff! And think, you don't have to eat this way forever! Just until Joshua is weaned!

Amber said...

Oh girl... I feel for you! I cannot even imagine!

Mrs. Walker said...

Ack! I sympathize! I'm off dairy too...I SERIOUSLY miss cheese!! But Matthew is doing so much better. I too keep trying to sneak it back in, but it's just not worth it when my little one starts crying and crying from a hurting tummy!
So, you're not alone! I'm here missing dairy along with you!! :)