Thursday, January 7, 2010

From socks to ice cream....

I gave one of sisters my camera to use while she is in New York with her honey on vacation (sigh sounds wonderful eh!) so I'm really loving that my iPhone takes pretty good pictures! (BTW I have almost 1000 pic on it and I have only had my phone for 2 months maybe???? OYE! Need to transfer them all over to the computer to save them!)

Helping mommy with laundry!
That or hiding out so he doesn’t have to fold the dreaded sock pile! Does anyone like folding socks? I despise them.... which is a big reason I love wearing flip flops as LONG as possible till your toes freeze off here in South Texas! I grew up in a large family (I'm one of nine if you already didn’t know that!) And it always seemed like no matter WHO did laundry the NO ONE ever folded the socks! They would throw them back into a big basket and there they would sit.... we all avoided it like it had a monster in it. And if mom went anywhere near that basket and you were in her range you got to fold them all. And it seems like me, being the oldest girl, SOMEHOW ended up being the one to have to fold them... sigh. so I dislike them. ALOT..... yah my husband laughs and helps me fold them on occasion now.

So yes one day I will make my son fold the socks... and if he has siblings they can help. There will be a family sock folding event so I don't have to fold them all. :-D

My lil' bath loving man!

Dressed up to go out today... SUPER Cold for South Texas!

And can I say my son is getting back into his normal pattern of sleeping ALL NIGHT again! 9-10 hours a night! Oh man I am LOVING it! Sigh....

Well my sweatheart is scooping me out some yummy coconut ice cream I bought today and I'm gonna pour some goodness dark chocolate syrup over it, and add a sprinkling of peanuts and enjoy each bite of it!


Kinda makes up for having to fold socks......


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