Thursday, January 21, 2010

A memory of a grandma

My husband's Grandma Betty went on to be with the Lord sometime during the night last night. Today was her 77th birthday. She had been married to Grandpa Jake for 42 years. WOW.

I have only know this special grandma for about 3 years now. But she had a special place in my heart.

You see back in July of 08 we had just found out we were expecting our first baby, we had told no one yet. We had just gotten back from a trip to CA and were on the way to Houston to 50th anniv. party for the Jordan Grandparents.

While in Houston the whole family went up to see Grandpa Jake and Grandma Betty in the nursing home where they lived together. She had Alzheimer's and didn't always know who everyone was but she was still very much happy to see us all.

We visited, had lunch with them and enjoyed it as much as I'm sure they enjoyed us all being there.

When it was time to go everyone was saying there goodbyes and heading out of the room and there was a few of us left in the room, I was telling her goodbye and gave her a hug.

I stepped back about ready to head out the door and she looked at me with this very knowing look...

To this day I remember her laughing and saying.

Girl, you got a secret, what aren't you telling me. Your pregnant aren't you. I bet you are. Yup you are, you can tell me I will keep it a secret. (Of course she is saying this out loud for all to hear :-D )

And a look must of passed my face that said HOW DID SHE KNOW. Because she got this huge grin on her face like she KNEW. And said "ok I won't tell anyone. I know you are." *wink wink*

I looked at my husband and we both just kind of laughed and everyone went on with their goodbyes.
How did she know I always wondered.
A week later I had a miscarriage of our sweet baby.
So know today when I think of our dear sweet grandma who has passed on from this life today I wonder if she is getting to meet my sweet little one before I even get to. Celebrating life with our Lord.
What a wonderful birthday for her it must be. Share


Amber said...

Awww! That's so sweet. I love Grandma Betty. :)

Amber said...

This is such a sweet post Nichole... sorry for your loss, but what a wonderful birthday she must of had indeed!

The Shadrick Family said...

wow Nichole, that was a very touching story. It made my misty eyes and smile at the same time. I'm sure she's enjoying time with her grandson right now :)

Anonymous said...


Mrs. Walker said...

I'm crying right now! How I wish I could have seen her in the last few months! The Lord knows....
Love y'all.