Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A 2 week Menu

Our two week menu with some links...
Because its easier to find my recipes this way! :-D


Monday - Breakfast Tacos

Tues- Spaghetti and Chipotle Sausage Meatballs w/ Veggies and fresh Breadsticks

Wed- Home-Style Vegetable Beef Soup

Thur- Homemade Fishsticks w/ Fresh oven baked french fries

Friday- Meal at Bible Study

Sat- Leftovers

Sunday - In town

Monday - Ground Beef n' Potatoes Tacos
Tuesday - Basic Ham and Bean Soup

Wed- Italian Pasta Dish w/ Homemade Bread and Green Beans

Thur- Chicken Tacos w/ Beans
Friday- Bratwurst w/ Hashed Potatoes 'n Onions
Sat- Leftovers
Sunday - In Town Share

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sunnymum said...

The fishsticks sound particularly good. Thanks for sharing. Happy valentine's Day!