Saturday, April 10, 2010

It's yard sale season!!!!!

It's yard sale time!!!!!! I get so excited when yard sale season is in full swing!

Last weekend after I had been home all week my hubby went with me on Saturday yard saling! The key to a great yard sale day is to deffinatly have someone along with you so one can drive and one can navigate with gps!!! :D ussualy my sisnlaw drives and I yell TURN now!!! Haha. It's quite fun!
Well last week we hit a few good ones and scored lots of books and kids clothes. This weekend I was in town with my sisnlaw all day friday for some things so we ended up hitting a community yard sale. We didn't score a TON of stuff but we didnt find some kid toys and I found a few prices of teal melmac that matches my Pyrex! Love it! Now I have cute little bowls for Joshua to use!!! :D will be on the look out for more of that!

Today I was home without a car still and hubby was at work so I decided to strap my little guy in my carrier and head out walking to see what I could find in my neighborhood.
It was a beautiful day so it was a nice walk. We hit three sales and the frat wasn't anything much. The secon. I found a few kids clothes for 25 cents. And the last one had some nice kids stuff I would of got but she thought her stuff was worth WAY more than it was.... It kind of bugs me when people try to charge $5 bucks for a shirt at a YARD sale! I could did stuff new for that!!! Lol. So I didn't get anything from her. Her loss. Oh well!

I ended up walking for about am hour and a half... Carrying a 21 lb baby. Lol. I'm kinda sore! But it was fun!

Next weekend I'm helping a friend again with her yardsale. Fun! Yah for yard sales!


cpullum said...

Sounds like fun! I haven't been to a Garage sale in years!

Tasha said...

you know whats kind of hilarious? we blogged the same thing today.

Just Me said...

I am here from UBP, I love your blog! =)