Thursday, April 8, 2010

Welcome blog hoppers!

Ultimate Blog Party 2010
Hi and welcome to my blog! My name is Nichole.

Just a little about me:
I'm a simple girl who has been saved by grace living a simple life!
I am married to the best guy out there! The love of my life and a wonderful man!!! :D And we have a 8 month old little boy. I am a homemaker and love it! Staying home with my little man taking care of our home has been a blessing that I am so thankful I am able to have!
I love to help our family by shopping with coupons! Bargin shopping is one of my favourite things to do!!! Hitting yard sales! And stretching each dollar we have!

I also love to make thing from home! From knitting to sewing! I have an etsy store also to sell some of the things I make!

I also have a giveaway going on right now! Don't forget to enter it!!!

Thanks for stopping by and stay away and check thing out! Love to have you back around!
Happy blog hopping!!! Share


Tasha said...

guess whos back for good???

Julia said...


I am here from the UBP10. Your baby son is beautiful! Enjoy every minute. Time goes so quickly.


donna_m_webb said...

Hi! Beautiful son, I have 4 very grown sons! lol We are certainly called to Higher Places as moms aren't we? Have a great week partying!

MrsPatterson said...

Just visiting from the UBP! I'm a new blogger, and trying to live a Christ-centered life. So happy to have found your blog!

Steph @HCC said...

Hi! So nice to meet you! Love the UBP!

Esther said...

Visiting from UBP. I love your blog! I'll be back :)

I am Harriet said...

Hi there.
Stopping by via the Ultimate Blog Party to say hello.
Have a great Friday!

♥Willa♥ said...

hello,I'm here from UBP. I too love bargain hunting. Dollar store is my fav place to shop especially when garage sale is off season.
wishing you a good luck to win some prizes. :)
My UBP 2010 Party Post

Melanie said...

Hi Nichole, stopping by to say hello. We have a lot in common by your write up. Nice to meet you. Enjoy the blog party

mom2boys said...

Stopping in from the UBP to say Hi! You have such a cute little guy. :)

Tracey said...

From one bargain shopper to another, happy Ultimate Blog Party 2010! I look forward to looking around your blog and will be following you on Twitter. Enjoy the party!

The Artful Hawaiigirl said...

Aloha Nicole,
I'm in the ubp2010 also. I love the title to your blog. I'm new at this since last August I guess. I love to share thoughts and creative things I do on Maui. come see my prizes!
~ Marilyn

Bree said...

Here from UBP10 and love your site- yes, a mom is a higher calling and it's nice to have fellow bloggers to share and learn from and with! lovely photo of your son- congratulations- I love me some babies :)

Parenting in blue jeans said...

Hi, here from the party. I like your simmply put "about me" section. Iwas drawn in by your bolg's is a higher calling isn't it.

Cascia said...

Just stopping by from the UBP at Five Minutes for Mom. I love your site and am subscribing to your RSS feed. I would appreciate it if you visited my blog and did the same! I'm looking forward to reading more and getting to know you better.

The Healthy Moms

Bonnie said...

Hi, there! Came from the UBP.....look forward to looking around your blog more! :) God bless.

Annie said...

Nice to meet you!
I have tried to make things - sewing, knitting - but always gave up in frustration. It is a gift when you are able to do it well. Yes, it takes practice, but to create such beauty is a real gift!

Have a fabulous weekend!

The Fischer Family said...

Hello! Stopping by from UBP to say hi! Your little guy is adorable! Have a great weekend and enjoy the party!

Trish said...

Hi there - just dropping in from the UBP! Your son is beautiful and blessed to have you as his mom.

Enjoy the party. :)

Stephanie Manner Wagner said...

I'm Stephanie from "And Twins make 5! - A Mommy Blog". Just making the rounds via the UBP 2010, hope to see you around my blog too!

Cleo said...

I LOVE the Jim Elliot quote! A WONDERFUL missionary...such an example of sacrifice...second to Christ's of course!

Sooooo great to meet a fellow sister-in-Christ!

And a fellow "couponer"!

If you get a chance, stop in my blog at this post:

Am thinking you'll enjoy the take on "couponing"!

God bless!

JamericanSpice said...

I'd love to learn knitting.
I'm visiting from the UBParty. It's nice to meet you :)

Have a great week and enjoy the party hopping!


preschooljoy said...

I've got a little guy about the same age as yours! Aren't they fun? I met you through UBP 10. Looking forward to getting to know you more!

bigguysmama said...

Dropping in from the UBP '10. I love how you discuss your comment policy on the sidebar. I think it's so important for bloggers to play nice! You look like you have a wonderful family! Hope you are finding creative ways to save $.

~Mimi @ Woven by Words

annulla said...

Just dropped by from the UBP. So glad to meet you! Hope you, too, are enjoying the party!