Monday, April 19, 2010

A little big sweater...

I love knitting! And one of the projects I just finished was another sweater for my little guy. It is no longer cool enough to wear them here but I figured I would get a head start on making him some for the next winter!

My friend Darcie gave me some yarn she didn't need and it was SO cuddly soft that I had to make a sweater out of it for Joshua! I foudna cute pattern and started it in a size 1 so it would be big enough for him come like Oct or so.

By the time I got it mostly done I was looking at it thinking, there is no way this is gonna be big enough for him then... :-( (Remember his first sweater I did for him? LOL) Well, I finnaly finished it today... :-) And it for sure will fit him this coming winter, not sure what I was thinking when I was making it! :-D Its just a BIT to big for him now...

Um Mom this is HUGE! I can't find my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anyways, on to the next project! :-) Share

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