Saturday, September 18, 2010

13 weeks! 2nd Tri! And Chocolates!

Wow, I'm 13 weeks today!

In the Second trimester!

Seems like the time passes much faster than my first pregnancy, but then I do have a cute little man to keep up with!

I am kinda amused at how this pregnancy is going compared to Joshua's. I was wearing maternity pants at 8 weeks because I could NOT BUTTON my pants then with him... I am still fitting into (now just barely) my pants and clothes now and am 13 weeks!
I had already gained a few pounds (I think I did the second I found out I was preg with Joshua, I always teased!) by this time with Joshua and I haven't gained anything yet with this one... But I do have a little bump now! And I can feel the baby movin around in there! :-D Love it!

I am hoping the morning sickness is saying good bye! Because it still pops its head up every once in awhile and I don't like it.... :-P

Munchin on these yummy truffles that are gf/df... YUM! :-D Share

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