Wednesday, September 15, 2010

His Red Radio Flyer Wagon!

A few weeks ago I set out to find my son a wagon since the weather is starting to get cooler and the pool closed! We needed a way to get back outside, go on walks, and have some little boy fun!

I looked a few times on craigslist but they all turned out to be dead ends! No one would email me back and those that finnaly did said it was goneeeeee! Seems to be a hit item that goes fast! (It was that way when I went searching for a entertainment cabinet for our living room! But I did find an awesome one but it took TIME!)

Anyways, I couldn't find one and one day my dad asked me if we had gotten one yet. "Nope" I told him!

Well today in the mail a big ol' package came in the mail for my little man! He didn't know what was in the box but was quite amused with it! Well this evening I finnaly got around to putting it together for him. Cute little man sat beside me and acctualy handed me things when I needed them! Such a big boy! :-D

He was BESIDE himself when it was turned upright and he saw what it was! Can't wait to take him out for a spin in his new Red Radio Flyer Wagon tomorrow!

Thanks Grandpa and Grandma! Share

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Kayla said...

aww! Potato loves his radio flyer!