Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Loving Life

Its cold outside right now, and the ceder is making it hard for me to function like a normal person. But I am thankful to be over lots of other sicknesses in the last few weeks! Seems like it was one thing after another! Maybe I got it all out of my system for this coming year? One can hope right?
I can hardle believe I am almost 30 weeks preg! Only 10 more weeks till Little Boy joins the family! This preg is so much different than Joshuas. Gained less weight, and feeling pretty much normal for the most part (well cept for the last month and a half of sickness! :-D ). Don't get me wrong... It hasn't been a breeze! But it has been much much easier than Joshua ever was! I put most of that on my diet change since Joshua was born and we found out his and mine allergies! It has changed our life alot but we are ok with it. :-)

So heres a few pics of the handsome little boy whoe getting so big!
My big happy boy! Loves Chocolate! :-D

Watching our fav's!

Veggie Tales!

And sleeping in a big boy bed for nap time! I am amazed we have no problems with that! He loves to sleep in the big bed instead of his crib for nap time. :) 

Speaking of the big boy... he just woke up from his nap! And I've got lemon cookies in the oven!


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Shasta said...

So sweet! My boys LOVED Veggie Tales when they were his age, and now my girls do!

I found your blog on CWO and wanted to invite you to join us in the forums if your interested. We are always looking for guest writers!

Hope to see you there!