Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fearfully and wonderfully made

My heart has been heavy for some friends of ours who recently found out their little baby possibly has Turner syndrome. And then hearing today of a friends friend who just lost their baby at 33 weeks.... tears at my heart.

Last night as I was laying on the couch poking back at my sons little foot as he kicked me in utero I prayed for Joey and Jamie and the little life our Creator has knit inside her.

Praying praying praying ...

Praying for the little life in me and the worries of how birth will go will be replaced with peace thru all.

Comforting in knowing that HE knows all!

Love this pic of our baby at just over 10 weeks! Seems like so long ago!
Cannot wait to meet our new son!!!!

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Joey said...

Thank you, Nichole. It means more than I can express to have so many prayers and tears lifted up on our behalf.