Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Whille Joshua played outside today I raked out part of my garden and got it ready to put some herbs in it! Still need to get some tomato plants to get in the ground. Thinking thats all the gardening I'm gonna be able to do this season. But give me some fresh basil and I'm a happy girl!

Just made these yummy little things...

From this recipe Blueberry Muffins
Love the Blog I am Gluten Free! Her recipes always turn out just right and I don't have to tweak them much if at all!

Speaking of tweaking... or twitching... my EYE won't stop! :-P Figure I need more sleep but thats not happening at 36 1/2 weeks preg with a 1 1/2 year old little boy.

So I brew more coffee instead. Yummy freshly roasted beans from my dad. Oh yah it makes a good cuppa java! With a little brown sugar and frothed cream. :-)

While these hot little muffins cool I need to go pick up that 1/4 bucket of oxi clean that somehow slipped out of my hand on the way out of the cabinet and went all over the back side of the freezer.... yah thats gonna be a sight to behold. :-D My prego body trying to do that... uh huh wish you could see eh!

Maybe just MAYBE it will put me in labor!

Off to go see!
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