Saturday, September 10, 2011

Oh yah its back!

I finally took my sewing machine in to the shop to get it fixed. And I've been sewing non stop since I got it back! I had a pile of things waiting for it's arrival! :D

And boy can my machine sew awesome. Nothing like a machine that is just perfect for you. Can you tell I love to sew and that I love my machine? My Pfaff is my third baby. Haha.

First I finished up Joshua and Evans quilts for the bunk bed. They turned out perfect! Love the colors and that it actually turned out pretty much like I pictured for my little boys room!
I added two matching pillow cases and a curtain to finish up the room. I'm very happy with the final results!!!

I then made up 4 baby slings. 3 for Etsys and one for my sweet sisnlaw. Loved the blackn cream material I found for hers!

Next was wet bags. Yes. Wet bags. :D For cloth diapers. I started using cloth diapers at home for my boys about a month and a half ago to cut down on the cost of diapering two kiddos. I actually ended up loving it! Crazy eh! Its not actually as bad as you would think. And after my poor little baby's bum was bleeding with a rash of sorts from disposable diapers after being out and about for 2 days I decided we are pretty much switching to cloth full time for him. So I made a large wet bag for dirty diapers for the nursery an then 2 small wet bags for the diaper bag. They were very easy to make and actually were quite inexpensive.

And lastly, what do you do when your fav little outfit for your baby has been eaten by the dryer and unwearable?! You appliqued 4 shirts of course with it!!! :D One for said baby, one for big brother, one for a tiny friend and one for Etsy! Till you have nothing but scraps! :-)

And then you clear and put away all sewing stuff so you have a dining room table for a little while again. Till next time. Share

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Chef Penny said...

Wow, have you been productive! Good job! I love it when I get a lot of projects done.