Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Pictures, Pinterest, iPhones...

Is it just me or does anyone else not like to upload their pictures from their iPhone? I take so many... probably to many. But that's the convenience of having a camera with you at all times eh? So our kids will never say "I have NO pictures as a kid!" HA That's a sentence of the past for sure! 

So I'm checking out this Pinterest thing.... So far it seems cool. But I've only been on for a few minutes! :-) The idea of putting all my Fav things in one spot does seem intriguing. 

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Ah laundry.... I really have embraced and love cloth diapering!  And a cute little bum in a cloth diaper? Adorrrable!!!!

Cute little feet



Emily said...

What brand of cloth diapers are you using?

Karen said...

Hey Nicole. I was looking through my old Thrifty Mommy posts and found a comment from you. Wow. It has been a long time! I haven't worked for that company for a few years. I have my own site now, Unfortunately, I don't have as much to post as I would like. I'm back to teaching full-time. By the way, Pinterest is pretty great. Check out my boards - :)