Friday, July 19, 2013

Go hang those back up......

In one of those weird moms that's puts my kids clothes hung up in outfits in their closets.  Easier for me and them when it's time to get dressed.

So my oldest has been dressing himself for awhile now. He can reach his clothes since they are on the lower half of the closet. And since he usually picks out his own clothes I put the clothes in the closet by type of clothes. Left side is play clothes. Middle is everyday clothes that aren't play. Right is church clothes. So we have this discussion most mornings before he goes to get dressed.

"Are we going anywhere mom or can I wear play clothes?"
If I tell him we are going somewhere his next question is "are we going to church?"
After I tell him no we are not going to church today but put on regular clothes not your play ones.
He heads off to room to get dressed.

Well today after this conversation he comes back in a few minutes with several outfits in his arm on hangers.

"Mom any from this section right?"

All the clothes from the middle of the rack.

"Yes son but please go hang those all back up. You don't have to bring me them all to make sure they are the right ones"


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