Sunday, September 15, 2013

Homemaking and Homeschooling...

Ever make your own yogurt? Or Greek yogurt? Super easy! I use to make yogurt all the time until we were hit with our dairy intolerance so I stopped. But then I started consuming ALOT of Greek yogurt on my THM plan and that starts to add up price wise!
Here's a great way to get you started on making your own at A Year of Slow Cooking.
I used coffee filters to strain it this time but just ordered some extra fine cheese cloth to use for my next batch so I can reuse it.
Next I want to make Fresh Mozzarella Cheese but since I don't have a microwave going to have to search for a way to make it without one or talk someone into having a fun experiment in their kitchen! :-D  

I'm so ready for fall aren't you!?

And we finished up 2 weeks of homeschooling! Was fun and kids really enjoy it and so far I do also! :-D  Even the 2 year old got in on some schooling action.


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