Sunday, October 13, 2013

Its comes to a end again....

This last two weeks has been draining in so many sorts of ways. Court finding out that this was the final last 2 weeks we would have our foster girls. The transition process of going back and forth between our home and bio family and all that brings. The struggles our boys have been having in dealing with that. Can't believe that this is the ending so far to another 11 months of caring for these sweet girls. I know my God does ALL things good. And I'm resting in Him. I may now know why he has chosen our family to not adopt any of our children up to this point. But maybe around the corner he will shed light on his plans for us.
We given a home to 10 little children in almost 2 years time. And when my 4 year old son asks "Mom is my other sister gonna come back soon now?" It breaks my heart. Who knows. Maybe they will but we don't know Gods plans.
When people ask how we are doing its so hard to explain. The heart of a foster parent is truly unique. I don't know how I came to be this way but I am forever thankful that he has helped me grow in more ways than I could imagine. He stretches me thin and holds us tight.
I pray my girls grow to know him. That they are safe and loved. How one could love another persons child so much is beyond my imagination but he makes it happen.
We will love on them for 4 more days....and let them go knowing we loved them.


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Rebekah said...

The Lord has given you so much grace! Thank you for sharing your heart. I will be praying more specifically for you, Steven, the boys, and those sweet girls.
My heart breaks for you, but I'm so thankful that the Lord is guiding and keeping you through this. ((hugs))