Wednesday, October 30, 2013

What comes after?

It will be two weeks come friday we said goodbye to our sweet girls.  Seems like yesterday I was packing up all their toys, clothes, and special things that they had accumulated in 11 months. That drive to drop them off was silent and tear filed.  I tried to keep my tears at bay as we gave last hugs and prayed silent prayers that their life would be filed with love and Gods protecting hand.  I pray their transition to living there full time was easy and that they bond fast with their family.

And as I hear a phantom girl cry from the other room.  (Does that happen to anyone?!) Or as I'm folding a load of laundry that somehow ended up having one last girly sock that got left behind ... Or even as I'm walking thru the isles of HEB thinking this is to easy....  I pray for my sweet kids that have all been reunited with their family.  Pray that they are doing well... Cared for... Loved....

But God has given me much to fill my life with these days to make these days less hard in missing my girls.  He knew what I needed even though it has all seemed crazy to me. His timing and his will for our life's.  Making me stronger.  Leaning on him.  Resting that he knows my heart.

I'm ready to go find a quiet camping place with our boys and take a few days off to enjoy just us.  I'm thankful for what he has given me so far and am reminded daily that I am blessed. Very much..



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